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Your child is at the community center and you are supposed to pick him up on your way home from work.  You witness a terrible car accident and are in shock.  There are ambulances everywhere and the police need you to stay and give a statement.  By the time you realize how late it is, your child should have been picked up over an hour ago!  You race home to find a message from your sister that says the community center called her to pick up your son (from the information on his back pack ID Card).  He's happily playing with his cousins and when will you be over? Does your child's backpack have a safety ID tag?
What happens if you are in a car accident and are temporarily unconscious and cannot speak for your child? Your child is unharmed. The paramedics put your child in is car seat in a separate ambulance from you. The medical professionals at the hospital know to call your husband or mom for your child (from the ID card on his car seat). The car seat card tells the doctor of your child’s allergy to certain medicines. A laminated safety photo ID should be on every child's car seat.
What happens if you child is missing at the zoo? Does his backpack have an ID tag with your cell number so the grandma who finds him can call you? Do you have a current ID for your child with photo, description, and thumbprint to give to authorities that are helping you look? Is your child protected?
As parents it is important that we do everything we can to protect our children. Safety ID's on car seats, back packs, and in your wallet are one way we can help to keep our kids safe. Our pediatrician says, "I wish every child in every car seat had one of these." 

Author Kay Green and her husband Russell and their 4 children live in rural Oregon. Kay owns 3 websites.: Christian Adoption & Homeschool Resources, Laminated Safety Personalized ID cards for kids, and Home of  4 cent long distance.

COPYRIGHT © 2002 Kay Green New Beginning Publishing

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