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Adoption Life BooksFrom Alaska to Australia the word is spreading. Adoptive parents are discovering the enormous value of adoption lifebooks. But then the questions begin. Where do I start? What information should be included? Do I let my child bring it to school?

Beth O’Malley M.Ed. provides the answers to these and more. In her best selling book, LifeBooks: Creating a Treasure for the Adopted Child Beth guides you though the process, step-by-step and page by page as if she were right there with you.

Learn about the difference between a scrapbook or baby book and a lifebook. Or explaining tough truths, dealing with secrets and which pages are essential. Newly revised 2002

Dozens of real life stories. Lists of hard-to-find lifebook resource websites. Sample pages for international and domestic . Special waiting parent section.

If you get really stuck, there are three full-length examples in the back section, including one for China adoptions.

Her life experiences as an adoptee combined with doing lifebook seminars with adoptive parents all over the country, gives Beth a special perspective on lifebooks. Most importantly, Beth has made countless lifebooks with children in her role as an adoption specialist in Massachusetts.

Beth O’Malley has helped thousands of adoptive families give their children the answers and security they crave.

This book is an indispensable guide to making your child’s lifebook. You will refer to it for years to come!


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